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Sunflower Rental has been an equipment rental icon in Topeka for over 70 years. Originally opened in 1951, Sunflower Rental was located in North Topeka at 926 W Topeka Blvd. A short time later, Sunflower was presented with an opportunity to relocate to a prime commercial area. After developing some good ties with another merchant in the area, Sunflower was able to acquire a large lot right next to the Shunganunga creek on 20th and Topeka Bvld. Sunflower promptly put up a new building and by 1960, was firmly entrenched in the current location at 2010 SW Topeka Blvd.

Sunflower Rentals' founding father was Gene Wanamaker. In 1957 he hired Rick Wendland who shortly thereafter married Kay, Gene's only daughter. Through hard work and sound business decisions, he built a solid business with a firm foundation in the construction community. Since his passing in 2005, Rick's strong work ethic, dedication and customer skills are still talked about today.

His legacy continues to live on as Sunflower Rental is still owned by Kay Wendland and is a thriving business with three locations and a staff of almost 30 employees in 2 states. Sunflower Rental's ownership and managerial responsibilities are also shared by their three children, all working together to ensure that the legacy of their father continues to live on for many years to come.

Sunflower Rental purchased Blue Springs Rental in 1981. Blue springs Rental had already been in business for several years at that time and seemed the natural choice to start building Sunflower Rental's expansion on. Blue Springs Rental was renovated in 2002, providing it with a new updated appearance and better rental facilities, designed to compliment the modern, updated equipment offered there.

Sunflower Rental built and opened the Lawrence location in 1993. The modern facility was originally designed to facilitate expansion into Event and Party goods equipment rental. This location offers almost any item necessary to make your party or event a spectacular success. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff can help make planning your special event easy and inexpensive while still maintaining that opulent appearance that will be talked about for years.

All three locations offer pickup and delivery service. Propane and kerosene are available for your equipment or ours. Our managers have been in the rental/construction industry for over 75 years combined. With their extensive experience, they can provide solutions and assistance with almost any construction, home repair, landscaping and DIY project you may decide to tackle.


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Sunflower Rental, Topeka
2010 SW Topeka Blvd
Topeka, KS  66612
888-942-9487 toll-free
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Sunflower Rental, Lawrence
3301 W 6th St
Lawrence, KS  66049
800-294-8767 toll-free
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Blue Springs Rental
1615 W 40 Hwy
Blue Springs, MO  64015
888-294-6388 toll-free
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