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Sunflower Topeka and Blue Springs Rental offers propane and kerosene at affordable prices.

  • Professional, certified propane dispensing staff
  • Friendly, prompt, "No Wait" service
  • We can Refill all types of BottlesBulk
  • Propane sold by the Gallon

Propane for sale or refilled sunflower equipment rental topeka lawrence blue springs kansas

Propane Refills

• Grill Bottles/20 lb
• 30 lb Bottles
• 33 lb Forklift Bottles
• 40 lb Bottles
• 100 lb Bottles
• Propane Powered Vehicles
• RV Tanks    


Propane tanks for sale sunflower equipment rental topeka lawrence blue springs kansasDON'T EXCHANGE - Refilling is cheaper and you get more for your money!!!

Most exchangeable Grill Bottles are only filled 75 to 85% of rated capacity, shorting you up to 25% on every bottle. Our staff at Sunflower and Blue Springs Rental always fill bottles completely - all the way to the 20lb rated capacity. In these tight economic times - 25% makes a big difference.

Another bonus to refilling your bottle instead of exchanging it, is that you wont be exchanging a known good bottle for one that is faulty, older or has been misused or abused.

New Propane bottles, purged and filled also available - click links above for location based pricing.

We also sell Kerosene - bring your own approved Kerosene container.

Sunflower Rental Topeka, Topeka, Kansas

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Sunflower Rental Lawrence, Lawrence, Kansas

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